06 4 / 2014


The Excitement of Proofing New Plates - By Magda Kaggwa

I finally got the chance to make some new plates this week. They’re based on an idea I’ve had for almost two years now so to be able to finally realise it felt amazing.

The images are made up of various animal x-rays that have been stitched together to make a new ‘creature’. I had film positives made and exposed those to photo gravure plates. What I love about these pieces is that everyones initial reaction is to try and place the ‘animal’. Theres always a moment of confusion between recognising something very familiar and realising that it doesn’t quite fit.

These aren’t quite finished yet and the photo is taken from the very first proof I did. Hopefully I’ll be uploading images of the finished article very soon as well as adding new members to my new little family.

02 3 / 2014


Kckstarter has launched! Help us reach our target.

We’ve got 34 days to raise the £1,800 we need to put on an amazing stand at The Other Art Fair - London’s biggest art fair for unrepresented artists, and we need your help!

The way Kickstarter works is that we will only get the funding if we reach our target, within the day limit.What do you get from it? We are giving rewards for donations, including exclusive digital prints (that you can’t get any other way, not even at the fair), giving our artwork at better value than at the fair, and tickets to the fair! We will also put every donor’s name on our stand.

You can make donations from as little as £1 here:

Please help us spread the word, 

02 3 / 2014


Hello and Welcome!

We are Lizzie Learman, Magda Kaggwa, Julia R.Gallego and Paul Wye also known as 'A Matter Of.' 

We are collective of four artists working predominantly within the medium of printmaking. We are bound not only through our common methodology but also through our exploration of similar themes which are inclusive of but not exclusive to: mortality, gender, mysticism, satire and the afterlife with an ornate and esoteric visual representation. 

We were recently accepted into the April edition of The Other Art Fair - London’s leading art fair for unrepresented artists which attracted over 12000 visitors in October 2013. This will be our first time showing as a group and understandably we are nervous but mostly incredibly excited!

Follow our journey to The Other Art Fair and beyond here! 

22 1 / 2012

Scribble Sunday #31

I finally got round to watching ‘Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest’ all the way through. One of my favourite parts of the film was the opening credits, everyone needs to watch them! This was inspired by the credits and film in general. I was gonna do it on paper but found an old bit of shelf and thought ‘why not?’ lol

22 1 / 2012

The London Art Fair (part 2)

The top two images were my favourite pieces at the fair, so original/well executed!

22 1 / 2012

London Art Fair (part one)

The London Art Fair hit town this week and I managed to make it down to the preview on Tuesday night. Here’s a few pics, unfortunately no names to credit the artists - in my defense the (free) champagne was flowing freely. Enjoy!

16 1 / 2012

Wish I Was There….. Sooo Bad!

Last week saw the close of an exhibition of prints by Keith Haring at Pace Prints in New York. Apparently he was fascinated by the process of printmaking and by the sounds of it managed to utilise quite a few of the processes throughout his career. Anyway the show looked insane, really wish I could have seen it but alas I live in London. Also if anyone knows where I can get those Haring wedges please let me know, they are beyond!

16 1 / 2012

Artist of the Week: Hikari Shimoda

I much prefer her earlier work (circa 2007) to the newer stuff. There’s something a bit disturbing about the solitary children with vacant eyes and withered hands. I particularly love the more detailed floral back drops on the first two images but unfortunately I don’t think that’s her preferred style.

11 1 / 2012


B.O.G represented artist Magda Kaggwa, is currently exhibiting at the Curwen Gallery. She is exhibiting in there current show ‘Hot Off The Press ‘11’, a group show involving all of the best 2011 MA Printmakers graduates from the London schools.

Last night was the P.V so we represented, big well done Magda for being chosen for the exhibition.

(Source: rowannewton)

08 1 / 2012

Artists of the Week: Scott Radke

Scott Radke’s handmade marionette dolls kinda remind me of a slightly more twisted Tim Burton though apparently they’re not meant to translate as ‘dark’ or ‘goth’ art. Either way there’s something really beautiful and melancholy about them.